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Readers' Responses: Opinions on Advertising

See Views on Advertising. Are we really influenced by advertising? How are marketers targeting teens or other groups?

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Sep. 23, 2008

As far as I am concerned, advertisements are ok and the amount of them is not the major problem as there are advantages follow with the blossoming of advertisement industry.

For instance, when there are more advertisements on the same daily necessity such as shampoo but in variety of brands, consumers realize it and these advertisements in fact help the consumers to choose the product they desire the most.

This is definitely going to create a healthy competition among the manufacturers to yield better products in order to attract the buyers to buy their products.

However, what concerns me the most would be the issue on the means the messages of the advertisements being conveyed to the targeted audiences which are sometimes so captivating yet dangerous.

Advertisement has been exploited by those unscrupulous manufacturers, businessmen and so on to cheat the consumers has already become a well known fact itself. Nowadays, the use of subliminal advertising is spreading. This type of advertisement in fact is powerful enough in affecting our minds in a way that we are not conscious about it.

This is the dangerous part. Targeted audiences who are so drawn by the advertisement are influenced greatly by it and they will turn out to buy things and services which they don't really need because they are lacking skills on how to decode the real message behind it, how to evaluate whether the information is reliable and therefore can be trusted before purchasing any thing or service.

In my opinion, therefore, public at large should be equipped with the skills on how to evaluate advertisements, to understand the real message of each advertisement in order not to be victimized by the advertisements which are created to trap the ignorance audiences by some of the irresponsible manufacturers who put the consumers' right at stake by trying to spread some misleading information.

The education on how to read the advertisement effectively should be incorporated in schools, i.e. primary and secondary schools as children and teenagers are the major targeted audience of the business world now and both groups of people are vulnerable enough to be cheated by advertisements which are interesting in terms of visual and audio and layout sometimes.

This will help to create a more conscious -minded society and follows by the increase number of critical thinkers in the society when it comes to consumers' right in this case.

In conclusion, advertisement as a whole is not harmful to consumers if only we as the consumers realize how to save it from being used as a tool of cheating by being critical thinkers ourselves in order to peel the unscrupulous, deceitful wrapping off from it.

Daisy Tan from Malaysia

Sep. 18, 2008

In my standpoint,since we are living in a heavily globalized world, hence advertising is an effective tool for a business to propel itself to greatness in the long run, albeit some may find it a sheer bugbear in their lives to a certain degree.

Realistically speaking, a particular business would be in a difficult state to propel themselves successfully if there is no agent or tool in helping them constructively to materialize their mission and vision; therefore we can never underestimate the importance of advertisement in the world of business nowadays.

Siti Zulaika Abd Hamid from Malaysia

Ads are the most affective one in adolescence. They negatively affect their eating habits, body image and their out look.

Jayasree S. from India

In my opinion advertisements play with our minds making us see things to make us buy and buy until finish our money, using subliminal images that confuse us, making us see erotic images that excite us and making us think that if we buy that we are going to be Brad Pit, and get all the women in the world. Advertisements lie to us every day that we switch on tv, remember it! If you don't, it can be your end.

"Mimarelarc" from the U.S.

Surrounded by advertising, we may be impressed and influenced subconsciously. Of course, those commercial advertisements are necessary marketing means used to urge and tell us, the consumers, how great their goods are and benefit us. But among them, we also cannot fail to see those cliches and useless ads, and some disturbing ads in watching TV shows or movies. However, some of the TV commercials are actually creative and ideological though some are not. We still can learn some creativity and enjoy it. Some of them are inventors' delicate works. They beat their brain to design for a long time, then complete it. Consequently, some of the TV commercials are more valuable and might even be more entertaining than general programs. Gradually, therefore, it seems to become an art of TV shows.

Andrew Ie from Taiwan

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