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Readers' Responses: What is beauty?

Issue 16 of TOPICS Online Magazine included the topic of Reflections on Beauty. Read how one reader responded.

What is beauty?
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What do you think about beauty?

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I think beauty will forever be, to a large degree, subjective. Or, to quote the old adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I began to notice in high school that the girls who were attractive but very self-confident, or from a rich family that offered prestige or beautiful clothes, were often more popular than some girls who were very pretty without self-confidence or prestigious homes. I believe an attractive girl who is self confident will often be perceived in the eyes of others as equally or more desirable than a beautiful girl who is shy and lacks self esteem.

So much of the way we are perceived has to do with our own perception of ourselves. If one is truly honest, not all super-models are beautiful in the classical sense......many are a bit off beat looking, but they act beautiful and are perceived as such. (I will admit they are almost all tall.)....What we believe about ourselves is very,very powerful.

It affects us and those around us.....I was from a home where life was difficult,money was not in abundance, and compliments were scarce.........I grew up to be someone in my youth that was considered beautiful. I knew because many told me, including sponsors of beauty contest and heads of modeling agencies , but my poor self esteem had to be conquered. Many women who were attractive with self confidence were more successful than I was in their relationships. I am very grateful for the beauty of face that others appreciated, but I know that a good self image will put you over in life and is of tantamount importance.

Always tell your children that YOU believe they are handsome, special, beautiful, pretty and one of a kind, and tell them a lot. They will believe you and their positive attitudes will cause others to know that they are special. "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is".

Lisa Jahns Hadeler, U.S.A.

Editors' note: Thank you for your response, Lisa. We wanted to spotlight it more for readers, so we've included it in the beauty section.

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