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Readers' Responses: Cell Phones

Read what readers, have said about cell phones, in response to Cell Phones and E-mail (Issue 19) and Sounding Off about Phoning and Driving in Speak Out.

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September 23, 2008

Cellphones are one of the most remarkable inventions ever in the civilization of Mankind. The inevitability of the usage of cellphones in today's globalized world is an irrefutable matter; hence it has greatly changed the ways' in one's life.

A person, regardless of his or her social background, will feel empty if he or she does not possess a cellphone at all.

From my vantage point, cellphones are absolutely inseparable from a person's daily life albeit there are a handful of disadvantages of a mobile phone or cellphone.

Siti Zulaika Abd Hamid, Malaysia

May 23, 2008

I have a cell phone but rarely use it. Most avid cell phone users are rude and inconsiderate and I have strong feelings about their use. It’s my belief that cell phones should only be used in case of a real emergency, like you’re having a heart attack and need to call 911. They should be outlawed for any recreational, business of professional use.

Having said that, I think their use will go away before long. With the world wide cost of fuel, more and more people will have to abandon frivolous things like cell phones and the cell companies will start dropping like flies. Who knows, maybe we can get back to the good old days when you didn’t even make long distant calls on a land line, instead sending a telegram when there was an emergency or a death in the family. Besides, they cause brain tumors.

Daniel Parks , U.S.

I think that there is a right time, and a wrong time to use your cell phone. I have been doing a study on cell phones for a school debate and stumbled upon this site (thank you to all who supported me in finding people's opinions on cell phones). Anyway, I believe that cell phones are NOT to be used while driving. One site said that talking on a cell phones while diving had the same results of drunk driving accidents!

Also I think it is very rude to be in a public place and start yakking on your phone! Once I was in the doctors office, and as you all know, they are kept very quiet; and this woman's cell phone starts ringing. She decides "I'll let it ring and drive people nuts!" After what seemed a million rings, she starts to yak and talk on her little "toy", annoying every one. She then leaves and goes, to everyone's disbelief, to the little hallway where everyone can still hear her loud and clear! If you ask me, it's disgusting!!

Chelsea, U.S.

So many people who use cell phones to talk in the car usually pay more attention to what they are talking about than to driving. One of the reasons [I say this] is that I lost my friend in a car accident while [someone was] using a cell phone. She lost her life and her 3 year old daughter [did], too.

Jacqueline Cruz, U.S.

I think that if people use the cell phones correctly by pulling on the side of the road then I think that less accidents will occur. If you are driving while talking on the phone then you will get distracted and can cause you or someone else to have an accident. I think that they should keep cell phone because someone might have an emergency and have to call someone. So to come to a conclusion if people pull off the side of the road when using the phone it will make this world a better and safer place!

Courtney Heller, U.S.

I have a cell phone and I really don't use it when I am driving only if it's really important I know that goes against everything everyone has just said, but think about it.. What if the important phone call is telling you that your grama had just died. I mean, isn't that important! Like personally I think that everyone should have one just to feel safe. I mean, what if you are walking by yourself down a scary alley...of course you want to talk to someone and tell them where you are. Right! cause what if someone was following you or something happened to you... and when you are on the phone in a mall, it doesn't have to be that long.

Amber, Canada

Yeah, well I think cell phones rock. I mean yeah, maybe SOME people get into car accidents, but why should I care, I mean I'm only 14. So...ya know, I don't really have to care bout that just yet. But cell's are great, and cell phone's have saved people's lives, I mean have you heard about all these people who pull over and call 911 because someone got in a car accident and they need help--DUH!!!!! So yeah, that helps a lot and plus like everyone has cell phones, what's the big deal?

Danielle Franks, U.S.

Cell phone has been rapidly growing for several years. Cell phone has convenience. It changes in life style to people and work way. Even though I think that cell phone can not often use it . My reasons are as follows. First, according to the authority has research that the cell phone take brain disease if people have often using it . Because the cell phone have electric waves. If people have contact it for long time, it will be badly influence to people. Second, students should using it after school. Cell phone ring can not make students concentration and interfere with order in the class. Sometime they spent too much phone charge from their parents. So I disapprove that students use the cell phone. Third, we can see the person talk loudly using cell phone in public. This is rude . It make strictly to prevent anothers. So when you use the cell phone and lower your voice. To sum up , although cell phone can bring convenience, it can be harmful to us. Besides they have special condition and urgent events. Otherwise we can not often use it.

May, Taiwan

Driving while talking on a cell phone is dangerous and stupid. While you are driving, you should be concentrating on DRIVING. Having a cell phone in the car is useful if there is trouble, but only if you pull over to use it. Driving with a cell phone is almost as bad as driving drunk.

Hand held devices are no better because it still distracts your attention. It's not just the hands that are the problem. I've seen way too many close calls to even think that people that yap while driving even have a brain...

Katee Anderson, U.S.

It's difficult to focus on more then one thing, especially when your brain is being effected by an electromagnet. Cell Phones emit EMF which is energy that alters the users concentration. Have you noticed the increase in accidents? The so called shields do not work according to recent science reports. Just like smoking, if one wants to we can not stop them, but don't risk our lives in the process, pull over. Second hand results from smoking are deadly too in the long run, but second hand E-Smog is instant.

Anonymous, U.S.

<> Cell Phones can cause Brain Tumors. This is a very important article.

Concerned, U.S.

I oppose this problem. Cell phone is very dangerous. While driving, we must have concentration.

Lee Jin Hyeong, Korea

Cellphone is useful device because emergency come anytime.

Kim, South Korea

I think it is not useful. Using cell phones while driving cause car accident... It is very danger. driver must concentrate the driving, but if using it cause accident.

Choonkew Jung from Korea

I think driving with a cell phone is dangerous. You are too distracted with talking to watch the road. Cell phones can get as bad as drinking. Either way you're barely paying attention or not at all.

Stephanie from the U.S.

I have conflicting opinions. Cell phones in cars shouldn't be banned. Maybe just severely fined or points on driver license

David from Quebec

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Are you going to sit here and tell me that you talk on a cell phone in the car while it's in motion? Please don't waste your breath, just hear what I have to say. You are risking your life, and if that's not bad enough, you are risking someone else's life too. I'm not saying that we should ban phones all together in cars,just hand held phones in cars.

Rebecca from the U.S.

Cell phones are wonderful. They might actually help find out who in the HELL high jacked the planes on Sept. 11th. What happens when your car breaks down on the mesa???? You can't yell for help, and you certainly wouldn't want to walk 300 miles to get out of the dump, especially leaving your car behind! Cell phones help communication, and communication is the key to success!

Willo McConnell from the U.S.

As a certain citizen I think cell phones are necessary for us nowadays because it will help us during emergencies. At the age of 19, I'm responsible enough to limit the usage of my cell phone during class and inside the worship area. So guys, all I want to say is discipline yourself in using it and have fun in it.

Kaye Evangelista from the Phillipines

Cell Phones have saved my life! Like when I go out on a date and dont like the guy, I sneak into the bathroom and call for a ride! Or, when my car broke down, I called for help. I dont use my phone when I'm driving, and if I need to talk, I pull over or use the speakerphone. If you dont like cell phones, keep it to yourself. Everyone has a right to their opinions though.

Jessica Twinkle from the U.S.

I do have a cell phone! But Driving and dialing shouldn't be done! What I mean is that law should only allow people to use it with a hands-free device and with a phone that is voice commanded. Big fines should keep smart asses from acting like they are above the law!

Alain from Montreal, Canada

Cell phones, what a wonderful topic! First of all I hate cell phones and all the yuppie parasites that use them, but I do think that people should be allowed to have them in a car, but only in case of an emergency. In my opinion cell phones should be BANNED from all public areas. You know when you are in the mall walking around and some valley girl or yuppie man walks past you speaking as loud as they can so they can seem better than you? Am I the only one who is annoyed by that? I don't think so!
Ban cell phones!

Brian from the U.S.

I think cell phone is important for businessman and other person, so we can allow people to use it. However we can suggest to use cell phone with small microphone which you can fix in your tee-shirt and you have a small speaker in your ear. In conclusion driving and talking in your own cell phone is 100 % safe now.

Adil from Algeria

To me they are off-putting, very rude. I think a lot of people have cell phone conversations in public on purpose so that they can get a certain status--but anyone who had any identity would not have to do such a silly thing to feel important. I think they should only be used in emergencies and not distract others.

Linda Reinhardt from the U.S.

Cell phones has been one of the main causes of accidents and should be restricted. The first reason why cell phones should have restrictions while driving is; it causes distractions when you are dialing a number or answering a call. Cell phones take your attention off the road, therefore, possibly putting other people’s lives in danger.

Secondly, you react slower to objects/incidents on the road. When you take your attention off the road, you are not fully alert to turn your vehicle away from anything that suddenly “pops up” on the road, by that time…it’s to late. You can get so caught up in talking to whoever is on the other line, that you may not be really be focused on your driving.

Say for instance, you are driving down the road when your cell phone rings; you reach down to answer it, and by the time you look back up…there’s a pedestrian running across the street. Now, it’s too late to stop. However, if you had not looked down to answer your phone, you would have been alert and probably been able to stop in time to let them cross.

Also, cell phones could be very useful in an emergency but if your vehicle is still in motion when you place that are still at risk to get into an accident. So next time you really need to make a call...pull over so you won't be distracted by anything that could take your life.

These are my reason on why cell phones should be banned from driving.

Kiana from Hawai'i

Cell phones are just status symbols for insecure people to make them feel important. The only reason people have them is because "everyone" else has one, and they need to compete with those other people. It's the American 'keeping up with the Jones'. Cell phones should not be used while driving or public places such as restaurants. I have been to a fine restaurant with my girlfriend and it is annoying to hear a non-cessant ring go off. It is further annoying when the obnoxious "toy user" talks louder (so he can get attention) on his toy because the person calling him can't decide to rent either "Loser" or "Dude, Where's My Car". Give it up cell phone users, you're not important, as a matter of fact, you're quite inconsiderate.

Ken from the U.S.

I hate people to use mobile phones in the cinema.

Fat Man from the U.S.

My opinion is that I think that cell phones should not be used in cars because they can cause lots of crashes and you can get hurt, say if you were talking on the phone and your phone dropped on the floor and you were still driving trying to pick it up and you could not, but still tried and there was an important person on the phone. That's why I say that cell phones should not be used in cars.

Annessa from the U.S.

I live in a very high populated city, Austin, Texas that has a booming economy as the result of a strong high tech industry. As a result people in my city have become absolutely obsessed with acquiring as many technological toys and items as possible. Cell phones and pagers have become the most favorite ones to get.

I think too many people own and use cell phones. These people are out of control with their phones. I mean their behavior is down right rude and unnecessary. Every time I drive I see people yakking away on their phones. One time I was on the highway and I saw a woman talking on not only a cell phone but a car phone as well! Can you believe the audacity of that woman! Here she is going 70 mph on the highway, which is dangerous in itself, then she whips out TWO phones! She obviously didn't care about her life or the drivers around her. I've had other cell phone experiences at my workplace.

I work at a small grocery store as a retail clerk. I've dealt with numerous customers who are simultaneously talking on their cell phones. There was this one male customer who was especially rude. He came up to me wondering where a certain product was and his cell phone rang. He didn't hesitate to answer his phone, being that he didn't even bother to turn it off or mute it before entering the store. He had an entire conversation right there in the middle of the store, he was even blocking an aisle with his cart and was pacing up and down the aisle. He was so oblivious to the rest of the world around him. Later he came up to me demanding to know why he hadn't been helped earlier, acting as though he hadn't been distracted by his cell phone. I wasn't about to apologize for his rudeness.

Eliana from the U.S.

Cell phone use while driving should be banned. Most of the responses seem to be coming from teens (many of whom have a difficult time driving anyway-look at the statistics). When people use a phone and try to drive at the same time it is more distracting than turning the radio station or setting the AC level. People become engrossed in , what is sometimes very volatile discussions, while driving. Hands-free will not matter that much. Studies show that you have a 4-1 chance of getting in an accident on a cell phone (talking on a phone vs. not ratio). 3-1 if using a "hands free device." 4-1 is the same chance of being legally drunk (.08) in many states. They should be banned , unless you are in a parking lot and stopped. If you breakdown-sure you can use it. As long as your car is NOT moving-fine.

Randy from the U.S.

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