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Readers' Responses: Opinions on Cheating

Cheating—Academic Dishonesty (Issue 13) examines the issue of at school cheating. Readers' responses follow.

Simulated cheating incident
Photo: Sandy Peters
A simulated cheating incident

What do you think about cheating on exams?

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March 3, 2009

Cheating is a Negative Thing

As long as there have been schools, colleges, universities, tests, and homework. Some students always found ways to cheat during test. Educators said that some students have a new attitude is cheating is at an all-time high schools and colleges.

In my opinion, I think this is not a good idea to use cheat during test because you have learn for nothing in your whole life. If I were you, I have a goal is I want to become successful life and make my family proud of myself so I should not use way to cheat during test.

I understand there are many reasons why they do like this but you will not feel proud of yourself if you use way to cheat however, no one can knows that you use way to cheat during test.

For example, if you always say that you are going to become lawyer, so you have to study seriously and it makes you improve your writing skill and reading skill in English. When you become successful life, people may respect you because you are a smart person who often studies hard without using way to cheat.

If you want to use way to cheat, that is fine for you but the negative thing is you have never feel proud yourself. Will you please aware of yourself if you know this is a not good idea? If you donít know how to answer yourself, take your time to think about that. When you get a job, you may understand and answer yourself about your past life. That is so late but that is good to get a experience then you can give kid good advice in future. If you are always honest to be studying, you may be successful life. This is very positive thing than using way to cheat.

Let me tell you a thing. You want kid to use way to cheat during test? Or you want kid to become successful life without using way to cheat? You know you use common sense in making decision in your whole life. Why donít you ask your parent if they have used to way cheat during test?

Ng Soon Leong, Malaysia

March 3, 2009

Actually, cheating is an ignorant act. if someone try to cheat in order to get a good grade, that means he or she gives people a false impression. people will take offense.

Li Ping Wu, China

March 3, 2009

In my opinion, I think that cheating is dishonest. For example, if students cheat on their exams, they will not improve their education. It is not good. I think that students have to cheat on their exams because it is very hard for them to study for their exams. Can students study for their exams very hard? I think that some students may struggle that their exams are very hard. Therefore, they will not be successful. I think that people have to get jobs, so they must cheat on their exams.

Sonam Jain, India

March 3, 2009

I think that cheating isn't good idea because if you cheat, it is fine. But in final exam, how do you will pass the test if you hadn't never learn it? It is the best chance to fail. The cheat can be used once but no many times because if often cheat, the risk to be catched by teachers will be increased and the consequences is you will get the worst amrk and dissapoint your parents in same time. I had experienced to cheat but it didn't bring me a positive way because my brain isn't improve from that. The best way to improve is to learn. It doesn't have another solution.

Martin Dayan, France

March 3, 2009

In my opinion, cheat has become more and more in everywhere in high school and college. I understand that some students struggle with any topic or they donít know how to answer that is why they want to cheat via internet rather than writing their own but I know that it is very wrong to cheat. If students continue to cheat so might later they will have a lot of problem in the future. They never know that someday teacher will caught them so what students do with the teacher? That is very big shame!

Abdul Al-Makura, Nigeria

March 3, 2009

Some students like to get high score for their general test even important test by cheating. I don't like it, it is not a good way. It can hurt some good students who don't cheat because sometimes the people who had cheated get a geat score in the test, then they proud of what they do although the high score is false. Thus, it is not fair to the other people who get truth mark. Some people want to cheat for getting a good score to let them or their family happy. Or cheating for achieving a college they dream of.

Tong Song, China

March 3, 2009

In the high school and universities, I think cheating is a very serious problem in school. The people donít want to study hard and lost motivation their courses can use cheating for good grade. So, cheating is dishonest and foolish and when who will catch to cheating while exam. The high school and university would able take that student and suspended or not welcome to school anymore. And its nothing help them to learn everything. Also who is lost future or hard find the job.

Antonio Aguiar, Bermuda

June 10, 2008

[Is cheating spreading?] Yes, it is because:

  1. The subject is boring and not too exciting to attract the attention of students.
  2. The teacher is boring. He/she has no capability to make it interesting.
  3. The book is not well written so students prefer to cheat than to squeeze.
  4. Their minds are problematic. (Some believe that the content is not the truth!) Result: Have you see for how many years there are student strikes all around the world about the books and education status.

Many time I have also help other fellow students to cheat from my examination paper and at the end when I saw that they had a good mark, I was very happy, even if you call it cheat! I have also cheat from my friend's paper. At the end who really worth will be shown after years. Nothing can be done! Students are clever enough to find new ways to overcome the obstacles that [others] are trying to impose upon them. Free spirit is the better education.

Vicky, U.S.

I think cheating is really a problem. It is unfair to students who do not cheat. More and more students begin to cheat during exams. They always think that they can cheat in the exam, so they think that they do not need to study in ordinary time. Therefore, cheating has great harm to students and society.

Kevin, China

In my country, cheating is also a serious problem in school, especially high schools and universities. So there are lots of rules and methods to avoid it. For instance, all students have their own number when they tend to hava a exam. Sometimes they will be given a card with a number and photo. If you are caught, you will be punished seriously, and in some univerisities you will even be expelled by school just at the first time.

Cherie, China

Cheating is either a good thing or a bad thing. The people who say it is good sometimes are the ones who know that it is never good. They are just trying to justify themselves so that they do not feel guilty. The people who say cheating is fine and that you need to cheat to get by have some serious logic problems. Sure there are a lot of cheaters out there and they are making it hard for other people to do well. If you don't cheat you are making life easier for the other non-cheaters. I mean if only one person in your class cheated, they probably wouldn't do so well.

Another thing, smart kids who cheat to help their "friends" have to figure out that their "friends" really are not friends. Who wants a dishonest friend? When you are being dishonest, it's the only kind of friend you can make. Cheating is not honest, or moral, and those who cheat lack integrity.


I think cheating is very common in all schools, everybody once in the life cheat.

It is not a big problem, and sometimes it doesn't depend on how the student worked in home, the student just can't do the test.

It's a sure thing that a student who always cheats will have future problems, but a student that doesn't do this in all the tests is okay.

You must study for all your tests, but if you need to cheat once, go ahead!

Karen, Brazil

I think that cheating is not a big problem, but it can harm your future!

Because "once a cheater, always a cheater" and then you don´t learn nothing. You will have difficulty in the examination test...consequently, you don´t go to a university!

So the best thing to do is study hard and you just have win with this!

Gabriela, Brazil

There are some people who thinks that cheating's not a ploblem, they say somethink like "C´mon, It´s not that huge, I´m just cheating", well, I have a story to tell, I was doing my English test, when my friend asked me to exchange the tests. It was my first time cheating, so we tried, but we made a HUGE mistake. He took the first page of the test and I took the second. When the teacher turned to see what was going on, he saw each of us holding one page of the test. We both went to the principal´s office and got an 0 (zero). Yeah, I learned with my mistakes...

Willow Rosenberg, U.S.A.

If you are used to cheating just some times, no problem, but if you cheat all the time, it can harm you. You won't be able to get in a good university.

The people have to think twice before cheating!

Claudia, Brazil

In general, I agree that cheating is dishonest and foolish - we study in order to acquire some knowledge, and I think it is not "cheating skills". However, sometimes it is really difficult to avoid it because literally everyone is doing it. The only time I did not practise it on serious exam has been entering the university: I knew that if I would be caught nobody would listen my excuses.

Anastasija Sorokina, Latvia

I was given an assignment in my Ethics class to write a report on cheating. I think that cheating is bad, but truthfully everyone has tried it in some shape or form in their life. I personally have and sometimes I am not successful, but most the times I am. Cheating I think is wrong no matter what, if you feel you have to hide and be secrative about something it is wrong. This does not stop people from cheating. Some people make a job cheating people out of money and other things.

Michaela , U.S.

I think frankly that cheating became a serious problem in my country. The students have misconceptions about cheating. They think that it is a kind of helping friends.

What we have to do is to take this issue seriously.


Iman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cheating is lying... and it eventually catches up with you. It's terrible.. Ever so easy.. but again, it will catch up with you and you will so regret it. It will catch up with you by you getting caught, or you not knowing stuff later when you just can't cheat, having that guilt knowing you did it and really don't know stuff... it's an endless list...

Rachel, U.S.

Well I dont think that the teachers should even care in a boy or grl who cheats on a test is just hurting their self. so i feel u should just let them, but I do not think it is right 4 a teacher 2 say she seen some one cheating because they happened 2 talk, some teachers just need 2 chill and sit and get off of our backs.

Noberto, U.S.

I think cheating is a really not a good idea to all students that doing it because its not gonna help them to learn everything...

Kayssie, Canada

Cheating Good or Bad?

1. Bad: Some students cheat on an exams. I asked them, "Why did you cheat?" Some students answered me, "Because the exam is too difficult." But, I don't think so, I think they're lazy so they cheat.

In school there are so many good students too. They study very hard to get an "A". Some good students even hate the cheating students. They must study very hard to get an "A" but, the cheating student Who doesn't study can get it. They feel it isn't fair.

The answer is very simple. Because "It's not the problem whether you did cheating or not. The problem is you couldn't learn anything from cheating. If you pass the test by cheating someone else's paper, another more difficult class is waiting for you.

2. Good: I think so, because inside the class there are too many people. Sometimes the teacher can't teach me anything. In my class they have 30 people inside. So usually they can't study a lot. When the test comes in they feel afraid. We are afraid that we will fail. Then our families won't be happy. They will blame us, maybe we will be hit. So we cheat.

Sang Jin Kim, Korea

In reply to: may opinion cheating is so risky bad habit. But, I don’t care if I see a person cheating during the test. My advice is don’t do that. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure because is easy to get at good degree but what goes up must come down because what goes around must come down.

Carlos, Costa Rica

I think that cheating is common in schools and very understandable. This is because teachers give too much work and a lot of hard tests that force you into cheating. Therefore I think that teachers should STOP giving so much work and tests or else cheating is cool with me. I also think that teachers and people who work at school are bad at catching cheaters(that is a good thing) and that cheating is completely necessary at this current time. :) CHEAT ON!

Wallart, U.S.

I think cheating is the way to go if it is the right kind of test. I was known as one of the best cheaters in my class and am proud of it. It made my life a lot easier when it came to tests. I just developed a system around seventh grade and have been using it to get in the top ten percent of my class. I won't dicuss how I cheat but I have to say it is fun to make up your system and try it.

You have to ready for failure but just try again. Now I don't cheat on everything but only when I feel it is necessary. Sometimes teachers just expect to much and you have to study tremendous amounts of time to be prepared so why not cheat.

I'll tell you this. It feels a lot better to outsmart the teacher than to just to earn a good grade. I earned my fair share of A's by studying but some had to be earned by cheating. Cheating isn't something that should be abused but cherished and used wisely.

"Captain Riptor", U.S.

Some colleges and universities address the issue of academic dishonesty through an honor system. Students are on their honor not to engage in any form of cheating-plagiarism, copying on tests, crib notes, etc. The second requirement of an honor system is that any students who are aware of another student’s cheating must report it or be subject to the same penalties as the students who cheat, including expulsion. Why is the second provision considered essential to an honor code?

Hung Dang, U.S.

We´re students from IS3, and we think cheating´s a bad choice. Because people don´t really learn, and someday they will need this knowledge they have missed and then they will realize they have done a stupid thing. Probably you won´t be able to apply for a job if you didn´t have that cultural base you should have had when you were in school.

Though cheating seems good and easy by the moment you are doing it, it may ruin students who behave like this. People are used to cheating because sometimes they are insecure, iresponsable or addicted. Some of them know the subject, but want to be sure they won´t "forget". We believe it´s quite the same. Those things seldom change.

Dariano, Jucinara and Paula (Yázigi), Brazil

Topics Online, Would just like to commend you on your article about cheating on exams. We are from and it is sad to see how many news stories only see the negative in cheating. This article left it more open ended, and allowed people to decide for themselves. Just saying good job on the writing. If you ever need other info on cheating, let us know. Sincerely,

JD, U.S.

I think cheating is wrong, because all you do is look at answers and you do not learn nothing. Plus you will probably get them wrong anyways, and cheating means that you are a bad person so you do not want to cheat. Thank you,

The uncheating AJ man, U.S.

I think cheating on tests is very common in my country. I guess almost everyone has the experience to be dishonest. The only difference between cheat is one gives and one takes. I don't encourage anyone to do that because this is quite unfair for those who have prepared for a long time. I think the purpose of tests is to let ourselves know if we understand what we have learned. So, just be honest and responsible for yourselves.

Essen, Taiwan

Cheating may be an easy way to do well in school. However, when you really need to show your knowledge (not on a test) , you may not do as good as you did on a test. Unless you want to check your answers in the test by cheating you can get good grades and know the subject at the same time. Sometimes cheating may not be worthwhile. For instance: if you cheat in university and be caught, you take the risk of being expelled. Therefore,it's no use cheating, even if you are just checking or getting complete answers.

Igor, César and Fernando, Brazil

Cheating in school is not the best way to get good grades, sometimes it`s necessary, though. If you didn't study for a test and you ended up cheating, you are lying to yourself, because you are not learning anything from it. In addition to this, In your future you will need this knowledge that you didn't`t get in school. So, on the long terms you will regret. We all don't think it is a big deal as long as we just check the answer.

Giovana, Nicole and Ricardo, Brazil

Cheating is big problem to people who want to grow up in life. When you're in college, you can't cheat, 'cause you don't learn the subjects. So when you need your knowledge you don't have in your mind, a kind of it. Besides, the purpose of being college is studying and learning, so that you can't cheat, or you're against your principles. So you choose, cheat and don't learn, or study and grow up in your life.

Tiago Danda, Brazil

I am writing because I think that it is good subject for all students. Cheating sometimes is a good away for you pass the exam, but in all cases you do a bad thing for you, therefore sometimes you must not do it because you can not use it in your life.

Marcus Vinicius Silva, Brazil

Updating the Cheating Experience

When I took an English program test at the end of a session as a routine. I was taking the test, and I saw one of the students brought a recorder and taped the listening part during the test. Honestly, I discovered this method and joked with my friends who wanted to boost their grades; however, it's still hard to picture someone took that action.

I made another unbelievable discovery. I found out this student not only made the recording, but was also in possession of the Celt text instruction book hidden under the desk and folded under his/her legs. Although I am not certain that the book was the same as we had in the test. I am sure that the book had the identical format in terms of its instructions.

The reason I am writing this letter is to show how students value the test, but not the real knowledge they have. I still remember teachers in Taiwan who got their master's degrees in America but couldn't speak English when they encountered native English speakers. In our society, people admire the particular group who have degrees from the western world and are supposed to speak fluent English.

Sadly, people are fooled by these tricky guys who are good at the TOEFL test, so I hope the TOEFL test will be computerized in Taiwan as soon as possible so that the fairer standard can testify to our English ability.

I really don't want to condemn that student who cheated, but I do feel angry about those guys who make a fake image and deceive other people who don't know English much and think they are the experts just because they once studied in America. I urge these impostors to use their recorder in the class, not at the tests, and to spend money to buy useful study materials or reference books, but not the official test book.

Fred Chen, Republic of China

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