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Readers' Responses: Opinions on Cloning

Read what readers have said about this issue in The Cloning Controversy (Issue 4) and in Human Cloning (Issue 5).

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Cloning humans is a great idea, especially for the government. Just imagine cloning an army of thousands of guys, raising and training them since their childhood. They would be Super Soldiers above normality, raised and trained to fight since their childhood. Religions put a stop to scientifically reproducing human but they didn't put a stop to people dying on wars. There would not be any 'broken down in tears' families crying for their sons that died in the war.

Vzep from the U.S.

If I could had a clone, I might hate the clone. Even if the clone worked instead of me, probably she would want to play with my friends and family, and then she wouldn't work instead of me anymore. She would hate me, and we would fight to get more power. I don't want to have a clone.

Hyun-Joo from Korea

In my opinion, cloning is the best way to develop something such as botany and farming. This is a big challenge for us to improve modern technology. Why not ? There are many examples we can find . How many hundreds and even thousands of animals and plants have disappeared in this world? If we could get it back by cloning, it would be miracle .. Specially for countries which have "farming" as their main income.

Anonymous from Indonesia

I think that cloning should be allowed it would get some people out of a lot of trouble and sometimes it's all people need.

Ashley from the U.S.

To tell you the truth, it is wrong. They're messing around with God's work. Now don't get me wrong, cloning the organs can save lives. But just think how many people or animals they could kill just trying to get one human or sheep. Didn't they say that it took over 277 sheep to get Dolly. Dolly already has arthritis at five years old. That is really sad. I hope that they don't get too far into this before something bad happens.

Morgan Childers from the U.S.

We think cloning is not good for the humanity because cloning human it's very dangerous

Tony and Cedric from France

I believe that cloning is completely wrong. We do not need to play the rule of God. By creating human life we defy that God is our creator and contradict our beliefs on religion.

Roland Karson from the U.S.

Well it is not really an opinion. I want to know how many people actually believe in it. Say when cloning first started was it accepted? Is it accepted more now than it was when it first started? Or do you think cloning will really become a big part of our everyday life? These are just some of the questions I have...I just need more info before I can make an accurate inference. Thank you so much for your time.

David from the U.S.

I think it should not be allowed to clone human beings and it should not be allowed to clone animals either. When human beings get cloned they are losing their individuality and it is against God's will to clone human beings.

Jan Evers from Germany

I don't think that cloning humans is a good idea. So, when you clone a man or woman, you don't know which rights he/she should have. It is in question, too, if a clone will be accepted by society. If not, there will arise two groups: clones and normal people, which are made "by nature".

We know this situation from Hollywood - one possibility can be war! But on the other hand, cloning special people like Einstein can be very useful for mankind. And to prevent arguments between clones and "gods children" you just put the clones scientists into a closed terminal and let them think there all the day: a think tank!

But that is fiction. So cloning just leads to conflicts!

Heiko Krause from Germany

In my opinion we should not start cloning human beings, because I think there is no need and no reason to do it. Why do we need duplicates of men or women? I am sure that nobody is so important for human life that we have to rebuild him/she. Further I cannot agree with people, who will clone human beings to use them as a warehouse. E.g. if they have problems with their heart or with their lungs, they will take the clones´ hearts or lungs. That is wrong. I believe that everybody's life is designed by nature and we should not interfere with it. In addition to that, there are no financial means to develop and to pay for the necessary technology.

Reimer "Dee!" Köster from Germany

If I could had a clone, I would be happy because I could do more things. For example, while my clone went shopping, I could take a nap or other things. I would love to have a clone because we could share work, parties, secrets, friends, and clothes.

Evelyn from Venezuela

I am completely disagreed with the statement "Cloning is not a funny game for a bored scientist on a rainy Sunday."

  1. Cloning research can give an opportunity to a lot of dying children by bringing into the world new medical technologies, new pharmacies. Do you know about stem cells? Those technologies have fantastic future of recovering people even from most serious diseases.
  2. I want to ask the writer:" Do you have a children? Can you imagine that your healthy child is died? In an accident... And you have to make a decision to stop his heard because the doctor says to you that he is not able to survive. And now he is not with you anymore and you can not do for him anything... What about that parents? Do you understand that they are seriously ill after that? Can you imagine their pain? Do you think that they will be a normal people for the society? I can tell you. I do not wish you ever to know what do they fill. It is easier for them to dye than to live! And for them to have a clone baby this is not a play. This is the chance to see that their child's life is not completely stopped. That it is still going from the cell of died child. This is not just the hope in their life. This is the séance in their life."
  3. You are healthy woman. I want to ask you:" Try to imagine that you will never ever have the possibility to have your own child. What will you say than? Just try to imagine this? What will you say to such men or women? Or for them this is just a play too?"
  4. You are pretty young lady. You have everything in the future. May I ask you:" Try to imagine that you are not so young and life was not so successful for some reasons and you are absolutely alone. You can not find your only one man. You do not have children. What will you say than?"

I can make this list even longer. Science is not just a play. And it never will be. If people try to do such a hard job they have a reasons. And people who have those problems - they pay their own money for this too. A lot of cloning research organizations is not Government organizations. But what about the people who have the same problems but do not have the money? Just think about it.

I know that scientists are not ready to produce human beings by cloning yet. They should not do it until they will be sure that the clone will be 100% normal. But they do have to do those researches for all of us - to teach us to understand people pain and help them, to make our society healthy.

If we will spend the money only on the well-known technologies we will never have a future. Regards

Tanya from Godalming

I don't care much about cloning from a religious issue, but I do think that biologically it's potentially a Pandora's Box just waiting to be opened. This needs to be very closely monitored by the world governments!

Richard Beddingfield from U.S.

Many people don't like cloning, but in my opinion cloning is a good way to do research. Scientist do things like this because they need to fight the diseases. At this moment many people are sick, but science gives them hope. this is more important to me.

Iris M. Pavon from Nicaragua

Cloning is very useful and very important to human beings. Why am I sure about this? Because many people around the world are suffering from hunger and need food to fulfill their needs. Cloning is a new technology in biology. With cloning, people can produce a lot more livestock than usual. For example: we can use female cows to make a new born as good as the female cow. With this cloning many people will be free from hunger. We can produce new livestock faster and faster. Beside this, cloning can also be useful in doing a new research . For example: scientists want to find out why rhinos are becoming extinct. So the scientists try to clone this animal.

Renaldi Tatan from Indonesia

I think that it's against life because God is the creator of life. Only he gives life. I don't think that men should do that. Another thing, when men play with the natural laws, nature has secondary effects.

Tania Leos from Mexico

I am very much against it because the only one true maker of this world is God and he is the only one to create life itself because he wanted a friend to talk to.

Anonymous from the U.S.

O.K. if you think cloning is so acceptable then answer this. How many times did it take till scientist got what they finally wanted? how many sheep died or got destroyed? Who but God has the right to create or destroy life? How many babies would die trying to be cloned till they get the same as before? Why mess with nature things are going to be what they are and that's it.

G.D. from the U.S.

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