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Sharing Cultural Customs, Traditions, Crafts, and Celebrations

Every country has its own customs, traditions, crafts, and celebrations. Check out Cultural Glimpes and Traditions, Celebrations, and Crafts to read about some. Scroll down to read what readers of Topics have written about some from their countries or some they have discovered when in another country.

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Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland

On the 17th of March Ireland celebrates a special festival called Saint Patrick's Day. On this day people wear green clothes and colourful hats. People paint the Irish flag or a shamrock on their faces. There are always huge parades and everybody wants to see them. Many people come to Ireland from other countries to participate in the parades. Everybody enjoys themselves and has a great time. You should come to Ireland some Saint Patrick's Day to celebrate because it's fun!

Cannelle and Ewa from Ireland

A Celebration to Spend with Family and Friends

I am a college student in China. Maybe the New Year is the most important festival in China. We often light many fireworks at that time. We consider that time the happiest time and spend it with our family. It is also a good time for each family to have a reunion. We long for that time which also means a long holiday we can spend with family and friends.

Grace from China

Azbakastan and America are Different

America was so-o different from Azbakastan in so many ways. I loved your "French Fries" as you like to call them. When I first came off the plane I got a little lost in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport.

The wealth in America is amazing!! Building such huge structures and such. But I stopped at a fast food establishment. In Azbakastan we did not have such food. It was much better than the second rate goat I grew up with. In the airport alone

I was amazed with all the different languages being spoken, I even heard some of my own tongue! My family were great, they took me out and showed me a good time! The women in my country aren't allowed to talk, and if they could they wouldn't talk to a simple country folk like me!!!

Josef Haberdasher from Azbakastan

China and America are Different

I came to America 16 months ago. I found so many different customs from China. For example, if you meet somebody who you know or not, you usually say, "How are you?" here. In China, if you say hello to someone who you never seen before, almost all people don't understand you. They felt "That's real odd."

On the other hand, when someone compliment your clothes or you, you are sure to answer "Thank you" here. In my country, most of responses are "They aren't good" even if you are proud of them.

Karen from China

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