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Readers' Responses: Opinions about Dress Codes

Speaking of Uniforms (Issue 21) and Dress codes (Issue 1) discuss dress Codes and uniforms. Readers sent the comments below.

Japanese students wearing school uniforms

What's your
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dress codes?

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I must disagree with the statements that school uniforms are a nuisance and do not help students. I am a Canadian going to a public school and I wear uniforms. My parents did find that the prices of school uniforms were too expensive when I was going to private elementary school, but thanks to a company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, uniforms have been made affordable to students in private and public schools.

All schools with uniforms show improved grades in every level. Why do you think 80% of private schools use some type of uniforms and many members of all countries in many disciplined forces wear uniforms. Studies have shown that students that wear uniforms get better grades. I firmly believe that uniforms make a difference in grades, disclipline, and the way we look. Also, it is financially better for our parents. Regards,

Shalini Singh from Canada

My school has uniforms and they are so lame I mean we have red, khaki, hunter green, and white. I don't like uniforms.

Lianna Llanes, U.S.

Hello, I'm a freshman and I am considered a goth. I have black hair and a pierced nose. I wear eyeliner dark, and I wear all black clothing. Our school is trying to prevent all of that. I have had absolutely no disciplinary problems at school. I'm a pretty good student. So what's the big deal?

I like the way I dress because I feel confortable and feel myself. I do not dress obscene so I don't see the big deal. People are saying that I am a distraction, but I don't see how! They are the ones making a big deal out of this.

Andrea Nelson, U.S.

My school does not have uniforms but they are reviewing the idea. Lots of people say that it takes away our individuality, and it does. I completely and utterly agree, but there is more to it. The school board is the one who decides on the uniforms. I dont think this is fair. We spend most of our day at school. We are the ones who practically grow up there, and we are the ones who will have to wear them, and yet we don't get to decide if we want school uniforms.

The teachers also say that kids won't make fun of each other. No matter what happens, the brand will always make a difference whether it is from the Gap (a high quality store) or Wal-mart (a low quality store).

They also say that clothes make a distraction in school, so uniforms will be better to decrease this. The real fact is uniforms will make a bigger distraction. Comfort is a big issue, and uniforms will just make it harder to find brands that are comfortable. Now you may think I am just some lil' 12-year old girl that is making up these things, but I am not. For my communications class we are doing persuasive essays and my subject is uniforms.

Torrey Benson, U.S.

I think that it's ok to have school dress codes, but not have to wear uniforms. You can have dress codes that just say that you can't wear short skirts/shorts, show cleavage (or something) and some other stuff, but uniforms?????? It's just dumb. I mean I agree with you can't wear short skirts/shorts and stuff, but uniforms are just too strict.

A.B., Canada

I think that it's ok to have school dress codes, but not have to wear uniforms. You can have dress codes that just say that you can't wear short skirts/shorts, show cleavage (or something) and some other stuff, but uniforms?????? It's just dumb. I mean I agree with you can't wear short skirts/shorts and stuff, but uniforms are just too strict. 

A.B., Canada

With regards to ..."School uniform are not necessary"...I choose to disagree with some... points.

I must admit that materials of yesteryear that were used to make school uniforms were thick and make clothing uncomfortable, but not so today. There are man-made materials that are lighter, contour with the body and its movement and comfortable.

....uniforms are more expensive that casual clothes. In fact, the simple styles of uniforms coupled with mass production make them cheaper than casual brand-name/designer-made fabric and finished products. Most man-made materials need little or no ironing which means less money to be spent for ironing when compared with slick designer-made (Calvin Klien, Tommy Hilfinger, etc.) casual outfits.

Not all uniforms are white, and furthermore with new types of detergents (those made specifically for whites) cleaning is now a breeze.

There has not been any scientific research done to verify the negative impact on learning by wearing uniform. Socially yes, students, especially those in the rebellious teenage group with no doubt see uniform as negative to their lifestyle, but look at a kindergarten student the first time he/she dons a uniform, it is like heaven to them.

Until [there is] scientific proof to show that wearing uniform impacts negative to the learning process of students, then generalized outbursts about not wearing uniforms must be kept in check.

Aston Haughton, Jamaica

As a high school (11) student in Chicago, I have been wearing uniform for the past 3 years. I am sick of it. We are to wear a very ugly skirt and this white shirt that is so ugly. I think that schools should not have any uniform. I know the reason they have dress codes is to make the student learn and not think about clothes. That's wrong because whether they are in school or not the student is always thinking of what to wear after school. I aso think that Dress code or No dress code will stop the student from learning their education. It all depends on the student. If he wants to learn he will, and the clothes will not be in the way. But if he doesn't, still the clothes have nothing to do with it.

Tanya, U.S.

Schools Breaking Amendment One

Requiring students to wear uniforms or dress by certain codes has been happening for many years in public and private schools, but some students have problems with these dress codes. Some say ‘Dress codes are just the government and authority figures trying to control us!’ while still others say, ‘Why do we need them in the first place?’. Dress codes in public schools in the United States should be modified and made less strict. Why should children put up with these rules when they are simply learning in a classroom?

First of all, dress codes aren't necessary because they pose many problems in and out of school. Sometimes kids that are wearing uniforms act like they are very immature even though they are not. They will create a much greater disturbance to the class than children without uniforms will. Such disturbances are making strange hairdos that stick up, wearing shirts backwards and inside out, etc. all during classes.

Without these harsh dress codes, students will do much less disturbing the learning of other students. One teacher asked said that he would let his students wear anything they want as long as it does not disturb the learning of his other students.

Secondly, being yourself is a big part of attitude and learning. Clothing isn't chosen just to cover our bodies or to keep us warm, it's to help express ourselves. If people want to express themselves with bad word names or sexual comments then let them, but everyone who sees their clothing with these expressions will that how that person is.

Uniforms don't allow kids the experience of expressing their own feelings through the way that they dress. If people were allowed to wear what was “in” during their generation, why can't we wear what is “in” now? Dress codes don't allow the students to show their own personality. Furthermore, that is why dress codes should be banned.

The first amendment of the United States Constitution clearly states that we have the right to express ourselves. Assigning a specific dress code or uniform won't stop the violence in our schools. It just takes away from our civil rights. If we can’t wear what we want to express ourselves than that is breaking the constitution! It is not right to tell children what to wear it is like telling someone when and when not to hear. It is not right and the government must do something about this issue.

In conclusion, I believe I have said all there is to say. When we get older we have to pick out our own clothes. If we grow up knowing what we were going to wear every day we can have a problem. I like how I dress and there is no reason to change it and many would not want to change the way they dress.

Sacha from Wisconsin, U.S.

I think dress codes are very important, but I also think that people should be able to express their selves through clothing to an extent, the uniforms you have on this website are very cute and I wouldn't mind wearing them. I really want to go to your country before I turn 16, I'm 14 right now but I'm turning 15 in August.

Danielle Bocade, U.S.

I go to school in Memphis and our school board just announced that next school year all schools in our city will have to wear uniforms. My opinion of the issue is that is not their postion to tell us how to dress. I can understand them saying that no belly shirts, tube tops, short-shorts. But, it isn't right for them to tell us that we have to dress as if we are in jail. I want to wear what I buy, not what they believe is right. But, if we as students in the school system take them on we can win. Because we are the world today.

Tina, U.S.

I believe that dress codes are necessary to a certain extent. I mean some people don't want to go around at school and have to see people's belly buttons or low shirts and pants. We need some guidance but not a whole new wardrobe. Some go way too far...

Rachel, U.S.

I really oppose uniforms especially because our school is starting to catch least a rumor goes around. My homeroom teacher said when they were having a meeting they were discussing this issue. I don't want to have to wear a polo shirt every day. Right now you can wear what ever you want except if you're a girl, no tank tops, and no belly buttons. It's pretty good now but soon...who knows. I don't think uniforms do anything for us. I heard some people say that they make discipline and pride in us. But I think it shows the drawbacks of democracy and how government in the end is always corrupted.

Justin, U.S.

I think dress codes are stupid. Kids should have the right to free expression. Even then why should the school care what you look like? They should care about what they're teaching you. How can how you dress effect how you learn anyway? Then what happened to the first amendment and FREE EXPRESSION.

Kacie Sapp, U.S.

I hate the way principals tell you how to dress. It should be your parents telling you what to wear, do and so on. My mom said when the school wants to buy me a new wardrobe then they can make dress codes.

Tiffany, U.S.

I think if you live in a free country(Canada) you should be able to wear whatever you want. Some things should be banned but not little things like at our school girls are not allowed to wear thin strap shirts. I don't think that's fair. Well gotta go!

Zoe, Canada

I think if we go to a school that you don't have to wear uniforms we should be able to wear what we want!!! I think guys should also be allowed to wear their pants how they want! In the summer time girls should also be allowed to wear thin straps shirts. In my school we are not allowed to wear tight pants or shirts we are also not allowed to show our belly buttons, and the guys are not allowed to show their boxers.

Christina (Luda), Canada

I think uniforms are good because I understand that I belong to a specific group in the Japanese school system. And when we decide which school we want to go to, some of us decide by judging the uniform. So it's important. But we must put it on neatly.

Masanobu Yamada, Japan

We (school kids) should be able to wear whatever we want to to express our selves. Also religion is a big matter. What if the kid wants a good education from a private school but doesn't want to or is not allowed to wear a uniform? What are they going to do? Most private schools do have dress codes or uniforms, so what do they do when it's against their religion?? That's main issue.

Also, uniforms cost A LOT of money and and are boring and ugly. At least they should be good looking or they should let the student body choose the uniform and go for majority out of some choices!!!

Ashley, Canada

I think that there should not be dress code in schools around the world. My mom always said when the school decides to buy your clothes then they can tell you what you can and can not wear to school, but until then you buy your clothes and you can wear what ever you want to wear to school. I feel that if what you wear to school makes you happy then you should wear it and be happy and don't worry about what anyone thinks about what you have on because they don't buy your clothes either.

Kymberly Alexander, U.S.

School uniforms are stinky and I don't like them.

Eddie, Israel

I think school uniforms have good and bad points. A good point is that only school age students wear uniforms. But school uniforms also have bad points. A bad point is some of the students wear uniforms sloppily. So, I think uniforms have good and bad points.

Seiichi Okimur, Japan

I think it's difficult to decide about uniforms. Yes and No. There are pros and cons. Everyone will lose their personality by uniforms. But if it were not for uniforms, everyone would look messy.

Shisa Minamidate, Japan

I think wearing a uniform for school is extremely important and the more it is uncomfortable and severe, the better it is for the schoolgirl wearing it I wore very strict uniform during all my school years , from age 5 to 18, in countries like Belgium, England, Israel etc. I always wore a buttoned up stiff and tight starched collar, a tightly knotted tie, pleated skirts and blazers.

I think that to make a young girl wear something that is highly uncomfortable, that has to be worn in a very uncomfortable way for a very long period of time, will actually discipline her and make her self discipline greater. I imagine knowing you hate to wear that terribly tight stiff collar and still wear it as tightly as possible in the morning . knowing that your school tie will be tight around your neck all day long and still wear it as tightly as possible - this is pure self discipline.

Daniella Hayon, Israel

I am sick of having to cover this up, cover that up, take that out of your tongue, you can't have that hair color! I don't see what good is is going to do by making a bunch of teenagers mad because you are limiting their freedom to express themselves.

It sure as heck isn't going to make them better at school and doing their work. They will most likely bring more violence and hatred into school. How will blue hair make you smart or dumb!? How will a hole in your tongue make you want to do drugs!? And how can a small, square covered with little designs, decide if I am involved in a gang!?

I can understand the dress code to an extent, but they just go TOO FAR!!! And it is not fair how people can wear W.W.J.D T-shirts, even though their is to be NO religion in the schools, but yet I can't wear a band shirt. If they have a dress code they should at least be fair with it and be less strict. And I think I speak for a lot of you when I say ! "GIVE BACK OUR FREEDOM"!!!

Brittany Ross, U.S.

At school we are doing a debate and it's about dress codes. Which I don't think we should have because it says it in the First Amendment that we have freedom of speech and so on! They shouldn't take that away from us!

Ann, U.S.

I am a sophomore at a school in California. I am doing a project of the dress codes in schools. I am trying to make a statement that dress codes are a violation of youths individually.

Kellie, U.S.

I think wearing school uniform is necessary because wearing school uniforms, you need not worry about the fashion.

Yuen Wai Sin, U.S. and Hong Kong

The topic is The Uniform Is Good For Anyone. I didn't like the uniform before I saw the article.

Guy, U.S. and Hong Kong

I think there should not be a dress code because people should wear what they want. Clothing is something that expresses that certain person.

Amber Tomsett, U.S.

Hello! my name is Jessica I am 12 years old And I think it is very dangerous 2 drive and talk because you never know what's going to happen! so here's a little advice, Hang up and drive!!!!

Jessica, U.S.A.

I totally disagree with dress codes at public schools. I got in trouble for dressing the way that I wanted plenty of times. I got suspended for wearing a bandana because they say it's gangster-related. I mean come on. And we get in trouble for showing just a bit of bare midriff. I hate my school.

Us kids should have the right to wear what we want and what we feel comfortable in. I mean yeah you have to wear something that will cover up but you don't need to be loaded with tons of clothing. My school won't even allow tank tops. Now that's crap to me. The more rules that my school keeps putting out about dress codes the more I hate my school. I hate it with a passion. I have the right to wear whatever I want.

Jennifer, U.S.A.

I am a high school student in 11th grade in Maryland. In my opinion about students' clothing, I think that it would be better if students wear uniforms because they are students. Students' responsibilities are study and doing well at school. It's not to make a fashions for go to school or show of each other about body.

Even though it is their freedom to do whatever they want but if everything are freedom for people, so how people in this country are going to do the right things that they should do it, or what was this country have the laws or rules for???? Something can rule it for better way of life, especially, students.

If you say that students' uniforms won't help students to have a good grade, so why do you think that civilian clothes can help them? I think it is not right because whenever they are going to school, they would think about what are they going to wear that day. Since they go to school and their friends make jokes about their clothes, they won't like it!

Also, some kids that their family pretty rich, they will be able to show off and have a new fashion all times. So, if like that do you think they are students or they are a model?

Another reason is about parents, why do parents have to buy a lot of clothes for students to use at school. It's not necessary. Also, if every students wear uniforms, they are equal. They don't have to worry about people look at them cause everyone wear the same clothes.

Anyway, I think that whoever said that students should have freedom, they're misunderstood because if you want to have freedom, why do you go to school? So, when you choose to go to school, you better do everything that each school make you to do. It will help kids to know how to adjust themselves to do under the rules.

Andrew Anderson Scott, U.S.

I think dress codes are stupid. People like to express their feelings.

Ryan Boss, U.S.

School uniforms are clearly not what the students want...they need to know that they are able to decide for themselves what they wear. It even says in the US Constitution that freedom and self-expression is able to be expressed anywhere. I completely agree on that if the people who are enforcing what we where (teachers, supervisors, etc...) should wear uniforms also! Its not fair they are telling us what to do when we work so hard in a day to accomplish our goals in getting good grades!

Hannah, U.S.

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