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Readers' Responses: Opinions on Genetic Engineering of Food

Today's Genetically Fngineered Food (TOPICS, Issue 6) poses the question: Should food be genetically engineered? Readers sent these comments. Send your opinion.

genetically modified tomatoes
What do you think about genetically engineering food?

Send us your ideas.


I think that the genetically altered foods hold more prospect than most people will give them credit for. The genetics of some current foods make it so that they are vunerable to certain diseases. As well, some are not very resistant to certain weather conditions. Some of these things must be overcome in order for some areas to grow the foods.

If we wish to give a greater amout of food and foods that are able to grow in other countries, some of the genetics must be altered. Foods that are normally grown here in North America, may be altered for the idea of having yields in poorer countries like Southern African countries. This may be one of the only ways that we are able to finally end the hunger which plagues our Earth.

Mike from Canada

In my opinion, genetic engineering is quite helpful. For example, salmon have been genetically changed to grow larger. They have created a salmon that grows 400% the size of a natural salmon. Besides the obvious growth, there are no other differences. And in the medical field, the vaccines today are created differently than those they first made.

The original ones were just samples of dead viruses that were injected to create an immune against it. But there was a risk of the virus coming back to life, and it did in some cases. But now, they geneticaly alter the make-up of the virus, taking the "deadly" part out of it, while not taking away the ability to recognize it and build up and immune to it.

Rae from the U.S.A.

I don't consider genetically-altered food to be a problem. I myself do not prefer eating FRANKENFOOD but I don't see why people are having such a fuss over it.

In my point of view, all FRANKENFOOD should have a label on it saying that it is genetically-altered. And if the people who are against genetically-altered food don't read the labels and end up eating the stuff, that is their problem for not being cautious about what they are eating.

Brian from the U.S.A.

I think that to create manipulated food isn't good because if we didn't have to kill to eat, then the ecosystems wouldn't be able to maintain its ecological balance. Besides, the science must not neglect ethics and moral.

Vanina from Argentina

I think the genetic manipulation of food is a great step for science. If it is used in a correct way, it could be a revolution in life quality. Although I prefer natural food, it can be interesting for the future. It could be possible that manipulated food is contaminated with many germs. Scientists must try to keep these germs off and prepare more wholesome food.

Romina from Argentina

Send us your ideas genetically-engineered food.

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