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Readers' Opinions on Invasion of Privacy

In Invasion of Privacy (Issue 14) writers wrote about the issue of privacy. Two readers have responded.

Invasion of Privacy
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I believe that if you believe that if you are convicted of something that has put you in prison, then you do not deserve privacy. Many prisoners plot to kill each other and the guards. If there was less privacy given to the inmates, that would be less likely to happen.

Also, prison is not supposed to be "fun time." It is made as a punishment. how are inmates being punished if they are allowed to do anything they want in the privacy of their own cell?

Chase Witt, U.S.

First of all we like enjoying our private life. Besides people need to have enough time to stay alone and think about themselves everyday. Some things are not allowed to share; people have to respect the others' privacy in order to have a community life.

Eduardo, Colombia

In the US there is no privacy for the mentally ill. I know, because I am living proof. My parents contact the authorities wherever I live and have me watched like a live Truman Show. There is no escape. They invade my privacy in my home and have all my neighbors spy on me and report back to them if they notice any deviant behavior. They have labeled me as a "threat" and "antisocial" in order to keep me under their control. I will never be free to live my own life, because in the U.S., the mentally ill are considered a threat.

Denise, U.S.

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