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Readers' Reponses: Describing a Special Moment   

Each of us enjoy thinking about special moments we have experienced. A reader shares special moments with his dad during his childhood.

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My special moments in my life were when I was a small child in Israel. My Dad used to take me to the temple with him every Friday. They all dressed in white and prayed loudly with all Jewish songs.

I was very happy those days. My Dad used to introduce me to all his friends. They all were very friendly. They hugged me and kissed me a lot. Some of them even played with me.

One time, when we were at the temple, a famous politician came. Everybody was around him. I ran through the crowd to see him. When I saw him, I took his hand and held it really strong. He looked at me and smiled. I remember that day like it was today.

Yehuda Sasson from Israel

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