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Readers' Responses: Technology in Society

In Children and Technology (Speak Out) a class writes about this issue. What do you think of issues related to technology such as technophobia, use of high tech devices, e-mail problems, and internet privacy?

invasion of privacy

What do you think about technology?

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I have very little trouble believing that small children would be used in this type of research, especially with high tech devices. Young childhood represents the peak of the creativity in human life as well as the peak of curiosity.

This combination creates the delusion that many older people suffer under today, that they are simply too old to learn new technologies because young children are able to pick up on it so much faster than they.

I think that the arguments many classical sociologists and psychologists post are becoming outdated because they are measuring and comparing on a pre-high-tech society as today's. They ignore the fact that society is going to change and adapt and there are infinite possibilities.

Perhaps Hollywood and science-fiction writers should explore some more positive future outlooks, which is where I believe many people get the misconception that too much technology is bad.

Mikkel Greene from the U.S.

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