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Readers' Responses: The Way We Are

Why are we the way we are? Why are some people fun loving? Why do some people love helping other people? Why are some people career-oriented? Why are some people lazy? Why do some people love to shop? Why are some people crazy about sports? Why are some people crazy drivers? Why are some people adventurous? Why are some people interesting? Why do some people love to gossip? Why do some people love coffee shops?

Way we are?

Think about the way people are.

Send us your ideas.

I think people basically aren't lazy.

People in early times usually worked with their simple tools. Since people found diesel machine life is beginning to change. Some people want to know more and more about everything.

Other people don't want to know about anything. People who don't care about anything happened in their life and who don't want to make progress in their family are called lazy people. People like this usually don't have a good attitude and good education.

Basically people aren't lazy. I say this because many people struggle to make their life better. They continue their studies in the college and university to get more knowledge so they can get a better job and make more money to support their family, especially their children.

Many scientists always make many research and they also keep trying to make new innovations. People have done many explorations and discovered new things. So, I think people basically aren't lazy.

Renaldi Tatan from Indonesia

Why do some people like to gossip?

We know that everyone has their own lives and their own problems. Sometimes we hear something about other people lives from someone, maybe even our neighbour. They always tell us any information, including information about other people's private lives. Maybe the information is sometimes true, but it is not always true because people often overreact when they talk about each other. Talking about other people's lives and still not knowing the real facts, we call that gossiping.

Actually gossiping is a bad attitude. Why do I say that? Because if you gossip with your friends about someone, the person whom you are talking about will be angry. If he knows that you are talking about his private life, he will say to you, "Why don't you mind your own business? This person will not respect you and will not tell you anything or talk with you again. We also can read gossip in magazines. There are many gossip articles, and most of them are hot news. People love to read such a thing because most of the gossip talks about celebrities' lives, scandals and divorces. Now we understand the meaning of gossip.

Renaldi Tatan fromIndonesia

Send us your ideas about what makes people the way they are.

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