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Readers' Responses: Wedding Customs

Weddings are important in every country. Read what readers wrote in response to Weddings Around the World (Issue 10).

A German wedding couple
Ulrike Gahn

Write a description of a wedding custom in your country.

Send it to us.


In Russia, a wedding ceremony is at the church. A lot of people come to th wedding ceremony. If the bride throws out the flowers and isomeone catches them, that person is going to marry next.

Casper from Russia

In my country Iran, there are very many different wedding customs which may sound very interesting. One of the customs is to drive the bride and the bridegroom in the streets of town.There are nearly always many other cars which accompany the bride and the bridegroom's car. They play music and keep on blowing the horns of their cars as they drive along. This is done to show their happiness.

After taking several rounds around the streets of town, the newly-wed couple depart for their new residence. There, they thank all their guests and the bride's parents will put their daughter's hands into the hands of their son-in-law, wishing them life-long happiness.

This is usually a very sad moment because the bride bursts into tears thinking she will be away from her parents forever; however that is not the case. Because the first thing that the newly-weds have to do the next morning is to go to the bridegroom's mother-in-law's as a sign of gratitude and respect.

Hamedeh Darya'ee from Iran
English Literature student, University of Mazandaran

In Turkey, the weddings are only for a day and if the couple wants they can do the traditional gathering before the wedding which is optional.

Jimmy from Turkey

In the Sikh faith (East Indian) some weddings are arranged and others are love marriages. When a couple are to be wed it is considered a marriage of two families not just two people.

The bride traditionally wears red (white signifies death in our culture) and the groom wears a traditional cream colored long coat called an etchkin with a red turban.

The father of the bride joins the bride to the groom by handing her one end of a cloth that is held by the groom. The groom leads the bride 4 times around our holy book with the help of the bride's brothers and cousins. After the fourth round the couple are considered married.

Priests give blessings and advise the couple on how to live and love in their new lives together. The couple are two bodies with one soul...

Nicky Dale from India

In my country, the bride always, or almost always, wears a white dress. The man comes to the house of the bride and gives her her bouquet of flowers (also in white or other light colors). They go to the church and the man is inside when the father of the bride brings her to her future husband. And at the end, when they come out, the family throws rice on them.

Jolien Debonne from Belgium

In my country Iran, there are very many different traditions associated with marriage which should be very strictly observed, otherwise bad luck is sure to ensue soon.

For instance, on the night before the marriage ceremony, three or four unmarried girls hold a clean white cloth on the heads of the bride and bridegroom while they are sitting on a sofa or on the ground. Then one of the girls start to grind two big nuggets of sugar together. As she does that, she asks God to repel all evil spirits from the life of the newly married couple.

Before this, the families of the girl and the boy should make sure that the "Grinding Girl" is very trustworthy and decent. This will also provides the young unmarried girls with the chance to get married in the coming years!

Mahmood Azizi from Iran

After reading a lot about traditional weddings, I'm very surprised that this world has so many wonderful, unique and interesting customs for this special event. Even though you celebrate many kind of celebrations, that doesn't give you guarantee that you'll have a long and happy marriage. That's why first you will go through this memory day. You have to be sure that he/she is the only one that the Lord has given for you.

Mathilda Tatan from Indonesia

The Wonderful Candle

In the wedding of the Middle East they have the five parties and each party contains its particular purpose. I am interested in the third party because that special candle is very beautiful. And also the design on the hands (Mahndi, Indian wedding) is very exciting.

Angela (Hyun-Jeong Oh ) from Korea


I think the weddings in the middle east are completely different. They are very cool to meet all off relatives and friends. People can be very happy and they can forget their problems. Everybody brings a lot of gift to couples so the couples start their new life easily.

The wedding parties take too much time, like 40 days, so it is too expensive for couples' families, and they make people too tired.

Jimmy from Turkey

This article is interesting because we can know more about other cultures, and we can compare with our culture, especially the party and the dresses of the bride.

Elia Zorrilla from Peru

I think that it would be a nice experience to see a wedding in the Middle East. I also think it's hard for the bride to get dressed for each party, and it must be expensive, but it can be for them a dream come true. A typical wedding in my country is more simple, but I'm sure it's as important as any wedding around the world.

The weddings in the Middle East are very different from the ones in Peru and any other place in South America. We only do one party which it is a very big one and it last the whole night till morning but not five parties. One of my question is who pays for all of this? and it would be interesting to go to one and see it live.

Abraham Zorrilla from Peru

My opinion is that it is to hard to get all the parties in control and it will take a year or two of preparation for the invitations, the food, and decoration. It has to get done also just knowing your life is going to change. You also have to think about the five different dresses you have to wear that is just way to much just for one wedding. It takes all the intimacy of marriage or love into a big party.

Elia F. Zorrilla from Peru

I think some kinds of weddings are too expensive, and I can not imagine to have five parties. I think is very complicated for the bride because she must wear many dresses, this is incredible. I'm happy with the kind of weddings we have, they are not complicated and are beautiful too. We don't have to paint our hands or something like that, our brides just use one dress and that is it. I suppose we spend less money than they. I would like to see one of those weddings. Thank you.

Esteban Aparicio Gomez from Mexico

A wedding in my country is a special and important event, and everyone feels excited. Maybe, you only have one opportunity to get married, so you should cherish it.

Mei Xiong from China

I like this kind of traditional wedding [Middle East], especially because the bride dresses in many different dresses, and there are many parties. It's different from my country but this wedding tradition is wonderful.

Leslie Quiroz from Honduras

I read the article about the wedding in the Middle East, I think that side of the world is really beautiful and exotic, and I'm not just talking about places, I'm talking about religion, customs,etc. Just like we can see in the article, like painting your hands, wearing a different dress, all different. That's exiting and amazing for us, because we pass from the traditionalist to strange or exotic. And we learn how to think differently, and how other people live and respect their culture.

Esteban Aparicio Gomez from Mexico

The article on weddings I just read is very interesting. As I've seen, and of course, every country in this world has its own customs and it is important to know about other customs when you are in a country where you can find many people from many countries.

Dennis Aguiluz from El Salvador

I like the way of weddings in the Middle East, especially the number of parties. I think Middle East people know how to enjoy an event that mostly happens once in a life time.

Cengizhan Finci from Turkey

Actually, weddings in The Middle East are very different from those in other countries. Especially from a wedding in my country. In Colombia we just do one party; the marriage party, and the bride only wears one dress, so she doesn't have to change her dress five or more times

Paola Barona from Colombia

I feel this wedding is so complicated, but it's interesting!

Vicky from Russia

After reading the "Weddings in the Middle East" article, it's fun to learn about other cultures. But, I think the new couple has to be vigorous to have "5" wedding parties!

Debbie from Taiwan

I think that knowing a little bit about each different culture is very interesting. I thought that in my country it is expensive to get married, but now, after having read about other countries, I think that in my country it isn't. I wish I could go one day at one of these ceremonies to know more.

Monica Iza from Venezuela

Weddings are important events. They are different in every country. I prefer the way it is done in my country because there is just one party and only one time the couple has to dress for the wedding.

Sandra Ayala from Colombia

Send a description of a wedding tradition in your courntry.

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