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Speaking Out on Advertising

What do you think of advertising such as TV commercials and magazine advertisements? Read what others have to say on this topic.
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Oh Yoon Kwon from Korea

Nowadays, we can see so many advertisements. Some people say it is just a waste. However, I don't agree. Sometimes, I think there are too many on TV, but sometimes I like to watch just the ads. I think they are so funny.

I like to watch them when I am bored. Another reason why I like ads is I like Internet games. Some Internet games are free because of the ads. So, for me, ads can be useful.

Inna Ignatovich from Russia

Advertising is an important part of marketing. You can't escape it. Sometimes it bothers me a lot. But also, sometimes I enjoy it. Some commercials are created so professionally that they become a piece of TV art. Unfortunately, it is a rare situation. Some years ago, I couldn't imagine the interruption of an interesting movie by advertising. Now it is reality, and we understand its necessity.

Christine Le Prince from France

In my opinion, advertisements are part of our economic system. We can't do without it. Sometimes commercials are very useful; they can inform you on a new product which you wouldn't know about otherwise. However, I think that we are bombarded with too many ads, especially on TV. When you want to watch a movie, you are interrupted every five minutes. It is so boring And what about junk mail? I personally don't pay attention to it. It goes directly in the garbage, so what a waste of paper!

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