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Sounding Off about Phoning and Driving

Should people be allowed to use cell phones while driving?

Alejandra Pachecho

Alejandra Pachecho from Venezuela: No. Why not? Because in this world some people drive very crazily. So most people who use cell phones to talk in the car usually pay more attention to what they are talking about than to driving. One of the reasons that I feel this way is that my friend had a car accident while using a cell phone. He lost his life and his friends did, too.

Rodrigo Cruz

Rodrigo Cruz from Colombia: That depends. The disadvantages of using a cell phone while driving are you can call the police if there is a car accident, call for help when somebody's car breaks down, and call when somebody needs something before arriving home or at the office. The disadvantage is that people get distracted when they are driving at the same time they are talking on a cellular phone. It can cause car accidents.

Carl Khalid

Carl Khalid from Saudi Arabia: No. I would recommend if you want to use a cell phone while you're driving to pull over and take your time. You will avoid a lot of trouble. There are many advantages of using cell phones in cars. In emergencies such as accidents, a flat tire, engine problem the cell phone is useful for calling 911 for help. Using the cell phone while driving can save time and hassles, but using it while driving can also cause a lot of problems such as missing a red light or signs, not watching cars, or not paying attention to the speed limit. It causes a lot of problems. All these problems could cause loss of concentration.

Mirna Hazim: Yes. A cell phone is helpful; it is one of the most important communication devices. For example, if you want to talk with somebody for an important reason, you can. One time I was coming back from work at 10 o' clock at night, and I had a problem in my car. It wouldn't move. I was scared to go into a store to call my brother because I didn't know the places there. I thought it could be dangerous. That night, I found out that owning a cell phone is important.

Pantium Wong from Hong Kong: Yes, if they use it correctly. Sometimes drivers are very dangerous when they are talking on a cell phone. They may not drive well if they use one hand to hold the phone and the other hand to drive. In this case, drivers should use a hand-free accessory to talk while driving. That is a safe way to use them while driving.

Ngoc-Ahn Thi Ho (Annie) from Vietnam: No. Cell phones are extremely popular among teenagers. One problem is that they talk on them while they're driving. At 16 to 18 years old, they're very active. Sometimes some of them aren't careful and drive too fast. Talking on a cell phone while driving at high speed is very dangerous.. They shouldn't drive and talk on the phone at the same time because they can't control the car and may cause accidents.

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