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Duiliu Zamfirescu School
Photo: Petru Dumitru
Duiliu Zamfirescu School in Focsani, Romania

Do Clothes Make the Man?

Petru Dumitru from Romania

Petru Dumitru is a teacher at the Duiliu Zamfirescu School in Focsani, Romania.

Clothes do not make the man. The idea of this topic came from watching my students draw clothes they wished to wear. I thought that it was a way to imagine how they could be in fashion when most of them didn't have enough money to buy the clothes; imaginary clothes have not yet been designed!

Several students expressed their opinions freely while others spent several hours trying to find adequate words to express their feelings. At the beginning, they were a little confused due to a famous Romanian proverb: Clothes do not make the man. "Should I prefer fashion or not?" or "It is a real art to be in fashion?" were the most frequent questions.

Petru Dumitru and the student writers
Photo: Petru Dumitru
Petru Dumitru and the student writers

Reading their short essays, I learnt that most of the children are not exactly satisfied with their clothes while others don't care about fashion. The little ones prefer fancy clothes, and the others prefer what is comfortable.

Some girls imagine their clothes to be fashionable, jazzy and colorful while others appreciate that the most important accessories in any closet are shoes!

Judging from these writings in which the students added "through words" their personalities and reflected through their imagination their favorite colors or clothing preferences, it was a good exercise for increasing motivation and encouraging an openness to new ideas.

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