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The phone rang.
The phone rang. There was someone on the line who needed help because a relative had had an encounter with a djinn.


A Story about a "Djinn"

Elif Iltas from Turkey

The phone rang. There was someone on the line who needed help because a relative had had an encounter with a djinn. Most people know something about ghosts, but djinns are not ghosts; they are more about religious beliefs.

Djinns are invisible creatures, but they are just like us: male, female, children, single and married. They can see people, but we cannot see them unless they want us to. They have their own way of life.

Also, there are good and bad djinns. Sometimes bad djinns show up to people who are weak or who bother them unconsciously.

People protect themselves from djinns with some words from the Quran; but if someone has an encounter with a djinn, he/she has to use written charms from a hodja—someone who has special knowledge of the Quran to help people become normal and healthy again.

The person who was on the phone, needed help. The djinn was bothering his relative, and only a hodja could help. He was biting himself, talking and laughing to himself. At first, they didn't know that he was seeing a djinn. They thought that he was having a nervous breakdown, and they took him to a hospital. He stayed there for a couple of months, but he was never in a good mood. Finally, the doctors said that they couldn’t help him anymore.

Later, his family learned that it was a djinn, and they were calling now because they needed help from someone who knew a hodja who could help them. The person they phoned called that hodja and explained the situation.

The children had to be taken outside when the hodja came in; the hodja said they should not be home because djinns contact children easily. The children were very curious about what was going on inside while they stood outside. After a while, the person who had had the djinn left with his brother as a normal person!

The children were amazed because when he arrived, he was wearing a straight jacket to keep him from biting himself; but when he left, he was no longer wearing the jacket. It was very interesting for them, but at the same time very scary. They only learned what happened after the hodja left.

Elif Iltas
Photo from Elif Iltas


The children's parents explained that that djinn was a woman who had fallen in love with the young man and shown herself to him. He had been laughing and talking with the djinn when she was in a good mood and biting himself when she was in a bad mood. The hodja read the Quran and told the djinn that she had to leave him alone. The djinn fought very hard, but the hodja eventually convinced her to leave him alone. Then the hodja wrote a charm to protect him from djinns and to make sure they would not show up again.

Eventually, the young man became normal, and he has not had any problems since then. I don’t know about other countries, but in my country, if somebody acts in a psychotic manner and the doctors cannot help him/her, he/she may have had an encounter with a djinn. A person who has a problem like that might want to see a hodja to get help.

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