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Poetry is Powerful!

Class Writing Project: Meet the poets and the teacher

Students in Sheryl Jouvenat's class at Rice University discover the power of poetry to evoke emotions and serve as a means of self-expression.


Top row:
Masa, Justin Chen, Vivian Cher, Manabu Ozawa

Bottom row:
Hasnuddin Rachmann, Sheryl Jouvenat, Barbara Hoobroecky

poets and listeners


Top row:
Kelly Chen, Mai Oh, Lesley Ortiz,
Renata Pauperio, Ken Otani

Bottom row:
Oscar Ortiz, Sheryl Jouvenat

Read the poems these students wrote in this writing project.

Old Best Friend
Kelly Chen

On the Way to School
Ken Otani

Iron Horse
Justin Chen

Heyman Island
Mai Oh

Jogging at Night
Manabu Ozawa

On the Searching of Life
Hasanuddin Rachman

Vivien Yoshikawa

Read Sheryl Jouvenat's comments on this project.

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