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Deyan Teodorov
Photo from Deyan Teodorov
After that, I went out to find a travel agency because I wanted to go on holiday during the weekend.


The Travel Agency

Deyan Teodorov from Bulgaria

It was a late Friday morning. I was sleeping after a long night full of emotion, but a noisy quarrel woke me up. I had a terrible headache. I stood up slowly and looked out of the window.

There were two men in the street shouting at each other. One of them was short, in a leather jacket and with black hair. He was holding a lot of money in his hand and was shouting at the other one, who was a bit taller and wore a blue suit and red patent-leather shoes.

The short one was very angry and was moving his hand rapidly. This lasted for a few minutes and then he threw the money in the face of the other and left. The man in the patent-leather shoes bent slowly and began to collect the money from the wet road. When he finished, he stood up and went in the opposite direction. I wondered what they had been quarreling about.

Then I sat and ate my breakfast. After that, I went out to find a travel agency because I wanted to go on holiday during the weekend. I took my briefcase and left home at 11 AM. On my way to the town center, I saw a sign. It read:

"Travel agency B & P: All for you; holiday and trip." I decided to check it and entered the office.

When I opened the door, I was surprised. The men inside were the same men who I saw in the morning—the same faces the same clothes, and the same red patent-leather shoes. They were sitting behind the desk reading the daily newspaper.

One of them put the newspaper on the desk and smiled widely. He said:

"Good morning. Can we help you?"

Big horselike teeth shone in front of me; two of them were golden.

"Er … Good morning", I said. "I saw your advertisement on the door. I want to spend the weekend at some nice and quiet place."

"O.K. We will find something interesting. By the way, my name is Bzhisheck and this is my brother Pshepshisheck. "

I began to laugh loudly and left my briefcase on the desk next to the other man. I asked him, tears running down my cheeks,

"Excuse me, but ... What were your names?"

He repeated:

"Bzhisheck and Pshepshisheck. What is so funny?"

"Nothing, nothing," I said.

The short one in the leather jacket was Bzhisheck. His brother Pshepshisheck was the one in the patent-leather shoes. They began to offer me some places to spend my weekend. I decided to visit an old hotel on the hill of the mountain.

A few seconds later, the phone rang. Bzhisheck got it and his face changed. Now he looked scared. He snatched the briefcase and ran out. His brother checked something and said,

"Excuse me, but I must close the office."

"Yes, yes," I said and took my briefcase.

It seemed heavier than before but I didn't say anything. I walked to the nearest bus stop.

Suddenly I decided to check to see if everything was all right with my briefcase. When I opened it, it blew my mind I felt something strange passing through my body. It was happiness. I was unbelievably surprised. The briefcase was full of money.

"Probably it is now better to go to Hawaii instead of going to the mountains," I thought.

Guess who would be badly surprised?….

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